Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Home is Listed... Now We Wait... and HOPE... and PRAY!


Dining Room




Family Room

Entry looking toward dining room


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Picture Year in Review - Wonderful 2013!

Dec. 2012





Hermana Wallace - Christmas Skype

Elder Wallace - Christmas Skype

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Memories of my trip to St. George

1.  Waking up to the beautiful sound of the retirement bell
2.  Studying the Doctrine and Covenants each morning with my mom and dad
3.  Dad asking  "Well, what should we have for breakfast?" even though it was already set in stone
4.  Mom and Dad's good example of exercise every morning - I'm trying to implement that in my daily routine :)
5.  FHE with Chris & A's family, Russ & Nat's family, and Mom and Dad (nephews and nieces who are friends and love being with each other)
6.  Sniff the Broom (Zadi finally figured it out ;)
7.  Erma's nose crinkle when she smiles
 ("I'm Super Cute.  I'm Super Hot.  I'm the Girl He Loves a Lot.")
8.  Paris's hugs (didn't even have to ask for them - he gave freely)
9.  John "driving" home from church on Grandpa's lap
John saying loudly during church after taking off his suit coat and tie, "I need air!"
10.  George's amazing guitar skills and voice
11.  Jo's shoulder shrugs when she smiles and that adorable gap in her front teeth
12.  Liesl's complete kindness - so Christlike
13.  Tess's Chinese and self confidence
14.  Hanging with Zadi - organizing, playing games, and dinner - I still can't believe that she would want to spend time with her old aunt!
15.  The rain storm in Pine Valley complete with hail

16.  Being part of my mom and dad's anniversary date
17.  Ephraim's Rescue (so inspiring - I need to be ready so the Lord can use me) & Costa Vida
18.  Creating cd's with my dad - just the two of us
19.  Watching Mom make her art portfolio from toddler to BYU days... It is absolutely amazing to see the quick progression and obvious talent esp. from age 10 on.
20.  Seeing my nieces in Mom's dresses that Grandma saved
21.  Grapefruit - Strawberries - Raspberries - delicious... oh and the best zucchini bread ever
22.  Going to the temple with Grandma and seeing Dad peek his head into the chapel in his white suit.
23.  Sunday dinners with Grandma, Aunt Peachy, Uncle Roland, Mom & Dad

24.  Lunch out with Grandma - just the two of us.  She is one of my heroes for sure.

25.  Games with Nat and A - I have the best sisters and sisters-in-law!
26.  Shopping with A... can't remember the last time we did anything just the two of us
27.  Seeing Charlie's grave and the baby frogs
28.  Going to the temple during Mom and Dad's shift - getting to look up front and smile at my mom.
29.  Having Mom present me at the veil - how many people get that opportunity????
30.  Dad's ability to relate to everyone... I admired and loved watching him make his rounds prior to sacrament meeting visiting with everyone... his easy conversations with his home teachers... and visits with friends on the phone
31.  Seeing where Mom spends her time painting AND seeing her artwork in person instead of photographs.  She is crazy talented!
32.  Having the opportunity to look through photos and letters and keepsakes in multiple rubbermaid boxes/totes
33.  Feeling my Grandma Hinckley near
34.  Feeling gratitude for so many aunts and uncles and cousins that loved me and were huge influences in my life... I want that for my children... I want to be that for my nieces and nephews

This was definitely the best summer ever.  I LOVED being in my parent's home - so peaceful and heavenly.  I LOVED just being around my mom and dad.  It 'calmed my troubled heart' and recharged my batteries, so to speak.  It is obvious that they love each other completely.  Thank you for everything Mom and Dad.  I love you!!!

P.S.  I almost forgot that I helped organize some stuff while I was there.  I can't wait for next time when I will get to spend some time in the new family history library.

Leaving for Montana

Love these two!!

Can't wait for him to come home...

The Keyes Family Comes to MO

We had a great visit with Sydney and her kids in June.  Since Taysom is on her mission and Tucker just left for Montana, we had plenty of room, and it was nice to put off the empty nest feeling that set in the day Tucker left.

We didn't have any big plans, but the kids had fun playing dodge ball on the tramp, getting wet with the sprinkler in the backyard, swimming at Schermerhorn, checking out "Third Thursday" on Main Street - even got to watch a magic show at the library, shooting hoops, and gathering crawdads out of the creek.  I wasn't good at snapping pictures, but here are a few...

Nate was fearless!

Everyone is growing up too fast!

Thanks for traveling so far to come visit!! 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Trek Time

Mike and I had the opportunity to be a 'Ma' and 'Pa' for the trek again.  Four years ago, Mom and Adrienne came to stay with Ilah and Henry.  I would have loved to have them come again, but because Tucker and Ilah were participating, we only had to make arrangements for Henry.  He ended up staying at Ian's the first night and then the Belnaps the second night.  He didn't miss us at all. 

Our stake decided to make their own handcarts this year and we actually trekked within our stake boundaries instead of traveling to Oklahoma.  Yay for less travel time! 
They even branded the temple on each one!

The weather was quite mild this year.  In fact, it rained for several days prior to the trek and a little bit on our first day.  So the temperature was in the 70's ... maybe reaching low 80's on occasion.  The downside of that was the MUD and puddles and humidity. 

We also had crazy amounts of ticks, spiders, and even snakes.  But I am getting ahead of myself...

We met at the church early Thursday morning.
Tucker with several of the guys from our ward.

Ilah with some of the girls from our ward.

Then we drove to a Missouri conservation area about an hour away.  

Where we gathered our supplies~

Found our trek families~
 Mike and I had some incredible kids.  I had 'triplets' (three - 14 year olds),  'twins' (two 15 year olds), one 16 year old, one 17 year old, and one 18 year old.

Tucker's trek family:
 Ilah's trek family:

Loaded the handcart~

And had a snack~

Shane and Amy bringing us some homemade bread and jam.

Tucker, Shane, and Ilah ready to go.

Group shot - notice how overcast it is.

 Heading out...

'My boys' - Shane, Jacob, and Kevin

'My girls' - Kaylee, McKayla, Jessica, Cheridyn (not pictured Zoe)
We hiked about 10 miles that first day through mud and puddles and wet fields full of ticks.  Mike and I developed a new appreciation for the pioneers. 

Tucker with his family

Our family

The Handcart train

Drink Break

 About 1/2 way through day one, we were "attacked" by bandits.  I was toward the back of our group and couldn't hear most of it, but I did hear something about wanting to string up Joe Smith.

Jim as the main bandit

Our camp for the night

Right across the path is where Tucker's family camped.  A copperhead snake was spotted on their tarp and killed by a shovel.

Highlight of Day 2: The Women's Pull
Here my girls are rocking it - with the help of another mom. 

Ilah and her sisters

after the turn

We were told that there was one steep hill for the women's pull.  We went up the first half and then turned 90 degrees and went up the second half.  I made it okay prior to the turn... then I started struggling.  Another mom came back after getting her handcart up the hill to help along with a sister from the stake YW.  Little did we know that there was a second hill - even steeper than the first.  I was so discouraged.  Thankfully Mike and our boys along with some other men were lining the sides of the path.  They weren't supposed to help unless it was an emergency.  Mike encouraged us, but sweet Shane ran down to us and took over my spot pushing in the back.  I was so thankful!!!  I hiked the rest of the way huffing and puffing carrying something that had fallen out of the cart.  Megan Belnap saw me and ran to me.  She linked arms with me and took whatever it was I was carrying and helped me get to where I needed to be.  What a tender mercy.

Our camping conditions were much better that night AND Mike improved upon our tarp shelter.  We enjoyed home made ice cream from some Menonites and the kids had a fun dance.

Still Smiling

I love the pioneer sunglasses!

Kaylee almost there.

Our kids are almost to Zion!

Mike and I bringing up the rear with McKayla

I'm so thankful Heavenly Father provided this opportunity for me.  I didn't even mind the 8 ticks that came home attached to my body.  I LOVED my trek family and so did Ilah and Tucker.